Rene Hampölz

Welcome to my project overview page. Let's start scrolling and learn more about my projects and me.

About Me

Hey! I'm Rene Hampölz,

a 17 year old teenager who tries his luck with studying electrical engineering at the Technical college Weiz. Away from school, friends and party I'm an Austria based hobby web and desktop programmer (and sometimes designer) creating awesome open source apps and websites for myself and other People.

You can find me on the following social media pages:



Here you see an overview of my projects, with a small description and direct links

Hampis Projekte

Hampis Projekte isn't really a project, but rather the name of this website and the general term for all projects and sites that I create.

Here you'll find general information such as a list of my projects, the privacy policy and information about me and my social media.
If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact me.

RH Utensils

Under the name RH-Utensils I'll publish useful programming stuff that can be used for example in the office or on your private computer.

There you will find desktop programs, mobile apps and progressive web application (web apps).
More informations are available on the GitHub Page

Be patient, more will be available soon ...


Here you can find old (archived) projects which are not longer maintained

RH Utensils Radio

I've started developing this add-on for the RH Utensils main program. With the function to playing local and online music (e.g. from YouTube or other providers) and playing various radios from around the world with a beautiful user interface. As I decided to cancel the RH Utensils Main program, I started with a WebApp alternative which can be found on​rh-utensils/​MusicPlayer

GitHub Repository:​rh-utensils/​radio

RH Utensils Main

That should turn into a Windows desktop program which simplify account management, update delivery and menu display, via an Add-On System. It was pretty much near the release, but I canceled the development because I decided to mainly develop web apps, because they can be used universally on all devices and require less development effort.

GitHub Repository:​rh-utensils/​main

SpigotMC RandomID Plugin

This is a plugin to generate random IDs and UUIDs via placeholders or via commands. It can also display the UUID of a player via placeholder or via command.

SpigotMC Resource:  >> RandomID Plugin <<
GitHub Repository:​hampoelz/​RandomID

SpigotMC ChatClear Plugin

With this plugin you can clean the chats of players.

SpigotMC Resource:  >> ChatClear Plugin <<
GitHub Repository:​hampoelz/​ChatClear

SpigotMC Maintenance​Mode Plugin

A maintenance mode plugin for Minecraft Server.

SpigotMC Resource:  >> ChatClear Plugin <<
GitHub Repository:​hampoelz/​MaintenanceMode

Minecraft GGMC Bandana

A GamesGalaxyMC Labymod Bandana.

SpigotMC Resource:  >> ChatClear Plugin <<
GitHub Repository:​hampoelz/​GGMC-Bandana

Minecraft GGMC Cape

A GamesGalaxyMC Labymod Cape.

GitHub Repository:​hampoelz/​GGMC-Cape